Harbourview District

Once the heart of Nanaimo's historic coal mining industry, the Downtown South-End, is the location of Parkshore Projects' vision for revitalization, through multiple condo projects, in what will become the Harbourview District. Through strategic land acquisition and working with the neighbourhood's Official Community Plan, the City of Nanaimo and the South End Community Association, Parkshore Projects with urban design firm D-Ambrosio, created a master vision to revitalize this once-bustling neighbourhood.

Linking Downtown to the historic South-End, the Harbourview District will transform the area into a vibrant community with landscaped walkways, roadways to accommodate bike lanes, coffee shops, boutiques, seating, and public art. Over the next five years, we plan to bring 280 homes to the district, made up of multiple mid-rise condo developments linked by green space, turning the Harbourview District into an urban community unlike any other in Nanaimo. As the area becomes an epicentre for urban living, we hope to serve the communities in which we invest by creating community-centric spaces.

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